Fund Operations & Middle Office services

For managers who find that their full-time resources are not fully utilised, who need to create bandwidth for internal teams, or who need to temporarily fill positions – outsourcing these roles is an efficient and cost-effective solution.

IQ-EQ can perform virtually every task that an in-house that a COO would provide for hedge funds, 40-Act funds, and other various structure types.

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Regardless of your fund lifecycle stage, we have the expertise to fully support your needs, wherever you operate from and wherever you domicile your funds. We coordinate the whole project and tailor our services to your reporting requirements.

Middle Office 

IQ-EQ's team of largely former in-house individuals know the importance and urgency of keeping managers apprised of their market risk & positions. Managers that utilise our services experience a team of experts that professionally manage the day-to-day operations with industry standard, institutional processes & procedures. Our team are industry experts in utilising the litany of trading, settlement, allocation and accounting systems that have proliferated the industry over the past several years.

We support the full life cycle of systems implementation – from helping clients select the appropriate system, integration, and customisation, through leveraging the technology to successfully support middle office management. Unlike most consultants who make recommendations and walk away once implemented, our team will run the solution on your behalf in perpetuity.

Find out more about our Middle Office services below:

Operations and trade support

  • Trade support and administration
  • Trade capture and allocation
  • Trade, cash and positions reconciliations
  • Position and P/L reporting 
  • Independent price testing
  • Lending support analysis
  • Infrastructure support
  • Performance analytics 
  • Collateral and multi-currency cash management
  • Portfolio pricing verification
  • Account opening and formations
  • Shadow NAV and middle office support services
  • Prime brokerage support
  • Corporate actions
  • Real time positions and P&L

System architecture

  • Planning and managing operational growth
  • Gap analysis to understand current operational risks
  • Technology and system selection
  • Procedural build out
  • Process documentation and workflow
  • Counterparty assessment and reviews
  • Vendor price negotiations
  • System comparison and functional analysis
  • Operational risk services
  • Prime brokerage interfacing
  • PMS/OMS/EMS vetting
  • Administrator oversight 
  • Fund and SMA support