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Our client portals

Browse our suite of client portals to assist you across private, open-ended and closed-ended fund structures. These include:

IQ-EQ Connect

IQ-EQ Connect is a portal providing control and visibility of key client facing systems via a single point of access, centralising and simplifying the client journey.

IQ-EQ Connect


MaxComply is a proprietary risk and compliance SaaS platform that supports global firms in completing and evidencing their AML/KYC due diligence and verifications for investor, investment asset, and client onboarding.

Key features of MaxComply:

  • AML/KYC compliance
  • Investor onboarding
  • Monitoring and tracking
  • Integrations with Worldcheck One PEP/Sanctions, Qual-ID, address matching, Google media searches, and a risk score engine
  • E-Signatures via DocuSign
  • White labelling
  • Employee-related conflict management

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IQ-EQ Cosmos

IQ-EQ COSMOS is a digital reporting tool for performance monitoring and portfolio reporting, powered by Snowflake with connectivity to other IQ-EQ systems.

It offers:

  • Standard GP/LP dashboards.
  • A scalable operating model with reduced reliance on manual processes.
  • Simplified data models.
  • The ability to ingest third-party data sets.

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IQ-EQ Navigator

 IQ-EQ Navigator is a global workflow platform offering visibility, control, and auditability for work within or across teams and countries. It focuses on enabling KPIs and embeds ‘four eyes’ controls.

IQ-EQ Navigator features:

  • Task management
  • Checklists
  • Document management
  • Client workflow portal
  • System integrations
  • Task management modules in use in 10 countries, with more to be added

FIS Digital Data Exchange & R&A

FIS Digital Data Exchange (DDX) provides clients with an interactive platform to send, access, and share information with their Limited Partners (LPs) in a secure, online environment, including drawdown and distribution notices.

It features:

  • Customisation and/or branding for each client
  • Document storage, management, and sharing
  • Standard analytics dashboards with DX R&A Add-on

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FIS Private Capital Suite (formerly Investran)

FIS Private Capital Suite (formerly Investran), is a private equity fund accounting software and reporting solution

Features include:

  • Real-time accounting and reporting
  • A flexible, centralized database Unifying fragmented data
  • Automates complex processes
  • Supports smarter accounting while reducing costs, errors and pressure on your team.


Box is a secure, cloud-based document sharing platform that facilitates file sharing, commentary, audit and document storage. It also enables secure file exchange, along with commentary and full audit trail.

Features include:

  • Setting Permissions for Secured File Sharing
  • Seamless Collaboration
  • Effortless Offline Syncing
  • Better Workflow Automation
  • Integration with Other Applications
  • Easy Document Sharing

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IQ-EQ Connect PX

IQ-EQ Connect PX is a 24/7 client portal allowing fund managers, investors, and other authorised third-parties to access their fund information online

It includes:

  • 24/7 access to fund accounting reports and investor records
  • A document repository for prospectuses, investment commentary, and newsletters
  • Visual dashboards and export options into Excel, CSV, Word, and PDF
  • Secure, multi-factor authentication access

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Why IQ-EQ Connect ?

  • Enhanced efficiency: Streamline your fund administration processes, saving time and resources
  • Better experience: Enjoy an intuitive, easy-to-navigate and secured platform with real-time updates and data visibility
  • 24/7 accessibility: Access your fund’s information whenever you need it, empowering you to make informed decisions promptly
Working with IQ-EQ has been seamless – you and your team understand our business, advise us appropriately, and handle your side of our collective partnership so that we can focus on making good investment decisions. Evan Gibson SVP, Merchants Capital

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