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Private debt

As private debt becomes a more significant part of investor portfolios, as the structures develop across multiple jurisdictions and strategies – you need the right supporting partner to fully realise these opportunities.

IQ-EQ’s Global Private Debt and Credit Desk gives you a dedicated team with expertise in every asset class and across the full debt and credit spectrum, built around your service needs and investment objectives. This globally integrated team of professionals are enabled by leading technology platforms to allow significant operational improvements and better client experience.

Whether you are a debt fund manager investing across a variety of debt strategies, a family office or a corporate restructuring international investments or a private equity firm looking for investment opportunities in debt, IQ-EQ’s Global Private Debt and Credit Desk has an unrivalled combination of experience, global reach and technological capabilities.

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Why IQ-EQ for Private Debt?

Our expertise

Our in-depth understanding of the regulatory landscape in all jurisdictions and investment structures means we can deliver the insights, support and service you demand to optimise your debt strategy.

Located in all key jurisdictions, integrated by our specialist technology platform and with extensive experience across the full debt and credit spectrum – we support all types of debt fund managers, firms, organisations or individual offices, driving efficiencies and results for all investment strategies and structures.

By gaining a deep insight into your objectives we work as true integrated partners, providing strategic intelligence as well as core services, loan administration, SPV services, Trustee services, loan agency services, cash flow management, compliance and reporting.

Our technology

Private debt structures are growing across multiple jurisdictions – and the strategies, accounting, analysis, and reporting have become more complex. This is driving the need for technological platforms that allow private debt managers to efficiently deliver insight and reporting while developing ever more efficient business models.

We have partnered with industry leading platforms to provide you with an integrated solution to address all your credit and debt market requirements.

We have selected Allvue as our debt platform and this is completed by the powerful accounting G/L of FIS Investran in order to offer a modern suite of solutions that can power every aspect of a Private Debt Manager’s business.

You will also have access to the ground- breaking IQ-EQ dashboard that captures real time data and turns it into intelligent and consolidated reporting – facilitating effective analysis and decision-making. Along with tools including prescriptive and predictive analytics, IQ-EQ Cosmos provides a secure, efficient and cost-effective technological platform to meet your reporting requirements.

DX is our secured client portal and provides 24/7 online access to all your documents from your devices. With the DX module you can reduce the physical space taken up by library materials, enhance your search capabilities and access all   documents related to your structure. You can also grant temporary or permanent access to third parties, such as auditors, lawyers, or controllers, making closings, restructuring, or other key transactions more efficient.

You will have access to an integrated technological platform from which you will be able to connect to a smart single database and have a bespoke approach to fund management, portfolio accounting, data and reporting.

Our Private Debt Services

Private and Credit fund managers will have access to a combination of core services, cash flow management, loan administration services, reporting services and loan agency services.

Core Services

  • Multicurrency and multi GAAP accounting
  • Consolidation
  • Return calculation
  • Investors’ transactions processing (i.e. capital calls, distributions, transfers, equalisation, etc.)
  • Waterfall model design and monitoring
  • Tax compliance
  • Regulatory reporting
  • Investor reporting

Cash Flow Management

  • Bank reconciliation, monitoring and reporting
  • Drawdown monitoring
  • Loan agent’s assessment review
  • Distribution process

Loan Administration Services

  • Loan management in a leading software solution
  • Loan portfolio reporting
  • Interest computation
  • Collateral monitoring
  • Covenant monitoring
  • Derivatives transactions

Reporting Services

  • Legal and regulatory reporting
  • Investor reporting
  • Portfolio reporting

Loan Agency Services

  • Preparation and issuance of notices
  • Primary closing
  • Receipt of funds
  • Deal closing
  • Borrower and lender communication
  • Special reporting


Our Credit Services

The world of capital markets, structured finance and securitisation can be complex. From deal conception to pricing and closing, you need to consider relevant regulatory, accounting and tax compliance requirements. Our professionals provide transaction and accounting support, from the structuring phase straight through to the closing, for a range of structured finance transactions and associated corporate structures and underlying assets.  We can act as share trustee to hold the shares in nominee structures or as security trustee, protecting the interests of the noteholders in your transactions.

Our structured finance and securitisation global team has experience of dealing with asset backed transactions (ABS/CMBS/RMBS), collateralised transactions (CDO,CLO, CBO) including synthetic transactions, corporate bond issuance together with project/infrastructure finance transactions and trade receivable deals.  Our professionals are experts in their local regions and like to get involved with you at the outset, in analysing the best vehicle for your concept.  Upon closing, we provide transaction, governance and accounting support for a range of structured finance transactions and associated corporate structures and underlying assets.  The depth of our experience allows us to support a wide breath of structured finance deals.

Working with IQ-EQ has been seamless – you and your team understand our business, advise us appropriately, and handle your side of our collective partnership so that we can focus on making good investment decisions. Evan Gibson SVP, Merchants Capital

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