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Foundation and trust administration services

Protecting and preserving your family trust or foundation funds is crucial. But managing them can be overwhelming without professional support. That’s where our foundation and trust administration services come in. With our expertise, you can have peace of mind knowing that your assets are secure and that your funds will grow over time.

Our trust and foundation administration services

We can support you with:

  • Bookkeeping and accounting
  • Family investment companies
  • Family and private fund formation and administration
  • Holding company formation, management and administration
  • Management of carried interest and co-invest vehicles
  • Management of private trust companies (PTCs) and private trust foundations (PTFs)
  • Services to family offices
  • Tax filings and compliance (for clients based in the USA)
  • Foundation and trust formation, administration, and management

Trust administration

Navigating the legal structures of family or personal trusts can be complex. But our expert trust administration services can guide you through the process and protect your assets every step of the way. We’ll take care of the details, from following rules to tracking financial records, customised to meet your unique needs and goals.

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Foundation administration

Private foundation administration services can provide invaluable support in managing the financial aspects of your foundation. With the help of our foundation administration services, you can ensure that your foundation’s funds are being managed effectively and that you are meeting all legal requirements.

  • One dedicated team
  • Unrivalled technical expertise
  • Committed service delivery

We understand that personal touch is essential in building strong relationships with our clients. That’s why we focus on both IQ and EQ, providing you with the customised support you need to achieve your investment objectives.

With an integrated, global approach, we can provide consistent and reliable support to foundations, families and their family offices all over the world.

A valued partner in helping us with fund administration for over two decades. Baring Private Equity Partners India

Foundation and trust administration FAQs

What is the role of a trust administrator?

A trust administrator plays a crucial role in managing a financial account on behalf of yourself or someone else (the beneficiary). Trust administrators monitor funds, communicate with all parties involved in the trust, and ensure compliance with the trust’s rules as well as legal financial regulations and legislation.

What is the difference between a trust and a foundation?

A trust is a lawful agreement where a trustee is responsible for managing assets on behalf of the beneficiary. The trustee is the owner of the assets and must adhere to specific regulations while managing them for the beneficiary’s benefit.
A foundation, however, is a legal entity that owns and manages its assets independently. Foundations are typically created for specific objectives, such as philanthropy or supporting a particular cause.

What is the difference between a private foundation and a public charity?

A private foundation is a non-profit charity set up by a single benefactor, which could be an individual or a business. The foundation’s funding comes from a single source, and its grants typically go to other charitable organisations. Whereas, a public charity relies on public donations and publicly raised funds to support its services.

Working with IQ-EQ has been seamless – you and your team understand our business, advise us appropriately, and handle your side of our collective partnership so that we can focus on making good investment decisions. Evan Gibson SVP, Merchants Capital

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