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The seeds of our business in France were sown over 20 years ago when entrepreneurs established separate forward-thinking firms. Each company was built on business expertise, dedication to client satisfaction, bold projects and authentic relationships. In 2022, IQ-EQ brought those businesses together to provide a unique offering in the French market.

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Our offering revolves around four main pillars:

  • Fund Management 
  • Fund Services
  • Corporate Services
  • Fiducies Services, managed by Equitis

Clients that we serve:

One-stop-shop clients

  • Asset managers
  • First time funds
  • Investors
  • Family offices
  • Private banks
  • Institutions
  • Corporate firms
  • Multinationals
  • Entrepreneurs

Equitis provides fiduciary services for:

  • Financial institutions (credit institutions, investment funds, debt funds)
  • Corporate firms
  • Multinational companies
  • Court-appointed receivers and court-appointed creditors’ representatives (administrateurs judiciaires and mandataires judiciaires)
  • The French government
  • Local authorities

Why choose IQ-EQ in France?

  • Professional, multi-skilled experts
  • Extensive industry experience
  • Unique and flexible operational model
  • Commitment to technology and innovation
  • Independence – no conflict of interests
  • ESG engagement

Our services

Fund Management services

Through our subsidiary Equitis, part of IQ-EQ, we have an AIFM licence approved by the AMF which allows us to provide fund management services, including:

Fund creation and structuring

  • Oversight and review of draft  legal documentation with legal counsels
  • Selection of third parties
  • Negotiation and review of legal agreements, contracts, SLAs, etc.;
  • Perform initial due diligence when relevant (e.g. CIF)
  • Managing relations with regulators
  • Project management and coordination of all internal and external stakeholders

Fund management (incl risk management)

  • Oversight of distribution and monitoring the process
  • Cash management
  • Administrative support
  • Review of regulatory and investment guidelines
  • Set-up of proper risk management governance and implementation of fund risk management processes including liquidity and cash management


  • Analysis of all investment recommendations
    • Risk and financial analysis
    • AML/KYC due diligences on investments
  • Ensure conformity with the legal documentation
  • Organisation and secretary of Investment Committees

Fund Services

We have the expertise to fully support your back-office and middle-office needs at different stages of your fund’s lifecycle from launch through to investment realisation or at any stage in between. We can coordinate the whole project and help you transform your business and achieve maximum value.

We have established teams’ leaders, firewalls and internal processes to ensure proper segregation of duties and oversight of all functions performed, ensuring appropriate supervision and review. This way, we ensure there is full transparency between our fund management and fund services duties.

Fund Services France

Corporate Services

We provide corporate and accounting services to multinationals, asset managers and corporate firms.

Accounting, tax and legal

  • Bookkeeping
  • Preparation and filing of consolidated annual accounts
  • Legal and tax services
  • Forecast, cash flow calculation and business plan compilation

Reporting and financial information

  • Preparation of monthly/quarterly reports with your Finance department
  • Account conversion into another standard
  • Statutory account preparation based on your information systems

Payroll services

  • Processing the payroll and employer’s declarations
  • Drafting contracts of employment
  • Staff management assessment
  • Employee schemes roll out

Legal and contractual audit

  • Statutory audit for all applicable standards
  • Due diligence on legal and acquisition matters
  • Transfer, merger and conversion audits
  • Contractual auditing, financial data analysis, investigations, assessments and more

Fiducie practice

Our subsidiary Equitis is recognised as the undisputed leader and pioneer of fiduciary services in France.  In fact, we have been setting up fiducies and acting as fiduciary since the 2007 French law reform that introduced the fiducie.  In that time, we have built a unique and effective business model that combines a front office and a middle office with highly qualified professionals with specialist knowledge of and extensive experience with the fiducie.

We provide the following fiduciary services both for fiducie security interest (fiducie-sûreté) and fiducie management (fiducie-gestion) across a range of tangible and intangible assets:

  • Fiducie transactions structuring
  • Fiducie set up: Legal services, accounting, and tax

  • Fiducie asset management: Active or passive fiduciary asset management, depending on the nature of the fiduciary assets and the parties’ interests.

  • Termination of the fiducie: Return or enforcement (valuation, allocation or salel) of fiduciary assets.


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