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IQ-EQ Private Wealth services

IQ-EQ is uniquely positioned to deliver a suite of asset services specifically tailored around the strategy and desired outcomes of all major asset owners, including both institutional and private.

There has been a real and clear convergence of these two main types of asset owners globally.  Historically, much different, they have shared best practices over the last number of years and have now more aligned than ever before and that trend continues.  This includes alignment and similarities around time horizons, levels of resources, types of asset holding structures, governance, financial firepower, specialist support, access to private deals, and on that latter note, a common very keen interest in the alternative asset space.  On the flip side, there is not and may never be ‘full alignment’, they also differ sometimes in approach, priorities, perceptions, internal dynamics and sensitivities, which all can also further vary in different regions around the world.

Institutional Asset Owners Brochure

Private Asset Owners Brochure

That all said, our global scale, breadth of offering, depth of experience, dedicated client teams and powerful sector-leading technology mean we have the ability to deploy services for what asset owners demand, regardless of type, whilst also having the ‘know you’ intelligence and experience to know the differences between them and adjust to and accommodate same. 

Why IQ-EQ for asset owners?

  • Holistic offering: We provide one of the most complete and full range of asset holding structure(s) services as well as outsourced back-office and middle- office services to asset owners around the world
  • Proprietary technology solutions: We have developed our own technology solutions such as  IQ-EQ Cosmos which allows asset owners to have a visual representation of their different investments on a single platform solution
  • Industry-leading accounting and operational technology: We use industry-leading administration and middle-office third-party software such as Allvue (credit), Yardi (real estate), FIS Investran (illiquid assets), and PFS Paxus (liquid and hybrid portfolios)
  • Team of experts: Our global team consists of technical accountants, trust/corporate/fund professionals, fund and tax consultants, and regulatory compliance experts to meet the unique needs of asset owners
  • We have over 20 years’ experience in serving asset owners
  • ESG and sustainability are at the core of our business model and we aim to continuously demonstrate our commitment to the highest standards of sustainable development
  • Multi-asset class services: We offer a comprehensive range of services across all asset classes, from cash and public securities to alternative assets like PE, RE and VC to luxury assets.

Private Asset Owner

Simply put, private asset owners are (U)HNW individuals, be they fund or corporate executives, founders, entrepreneurs, and/or participants in generational wealth. The private wealth world has changed significantly over the last couple of decades. Increasing globalisation of people and assets, especially when combined with shifting regulatory, tax, marital, succession and other laws, have led to greater complexity and therefore risk, but you  and your family still need the same simple thing – peace of mind. Our experienced professionals have that expertise and the motivation to deliver the highest standards of wealth governance and oversight. They have the skills and tools to support you and your advisers in implementing your strategy as a private asset owner and acting as a key partner in your stewardship of wealth. Service range and an extensive skillset are essential, but personal service has never been more important. We know that personal connection is vital. That’s why we invest so much in our people’s personal and professional development. You, and your family, are in safe hands.

How do we support Private Asset Owners?

  1. Trusts & holding companies: We ensure that your asset protection, tax planning and succession needs are met through efficient and compliant administration of trusts, foundations, and various types of holding companies in key jurisdictions worldwide, including all the related accounting, governance, compliance and reporting related thereto.  As one of the world’s largest independent and award-winning provider of trust and such related services, you can rest assured you’re in good hands.
  2. Private funds & co-investment vehicles: Peace of mind comes with knowing your unique investment, asset and succession requirements are structured to ensure your family generational wealth optimisation and protection. IQ-EQ can help with the establishment, administration, compliance, and accounting for all types of regulated and unregulated private funds structures, both for your own family but also to facilitate co-investment with others.
  3. Multi-asset class administration: We offer a comprehensive range of services across all asset classes, including cash and public securities, alternative assets like PE, RE and VC, all the way to luxury assets like classic cars, yachts and aircraft. Services include ensuring secure title and custody, asset transaction management, debt administration, treasury, bookkeeping and accounting, financial statements, NAV reporting and performance monitoring.
  4. Family office support: Family offices have emerged as the new steward of wealth for many UHNW families around the world and they need the best specialist partners to properly carry out such a task.  We are one of those key outsource partners for single and multi family offices worldwide and our role depends on what each such family office needs, including all the services outlined herein.  If you don’t have a family office, we can act as a ‘virtual’ one until such time as it’s right to setup your own.
  5. Philanthropy: Sharing your wealth outside of your family leaves a lasting legacy when managed effectively. When your objective is sustainable, high-impact philanthropy you require sophisticated structures and strong governance. IQ-EQ can support you in the administration and setting up of these types of structures
  6. ESG services: You want to make a positive social or environmental impact by investing in a variety of targets. You want your investment to make a financial return that can be reinvested for the long term. We help you achieve that goal. We have introduced IQ-EQ Compass, a holistic ESG services that are supported by a powerful technology dashboard, which enables managers and investors to navigate, monitor and benchmark their ESG KPIs against the leading ESG frameworks, including the World Economic Forum ESG metrics.
  7. Concierge: Free up your time by using our concierge service to manage asset, lifestyle and property care in the UK.
  8. Multi-asset class portfolio monitoring: we not only administer a wide range of asset classes, we also use our IQ-EQ Cosmos platform to bring together your entire investment portfolio across multiple asset classes, online via customisable dashboards designed around your requirements with a full risk management tool. We design your reporting and data requirements on a dashboard, utilising the data and accounting information we already capture to provide actionable intelligence anywhere, in real time on any device, to:
  • Manage any exposures, quantify total portfolio performance and forecasting information for future financials future valuations
  • Show both your private equity fund holdings and equity stake in the manager entity
  • Benefit from secure data frameworks and strong data governance protocols
  • Save time and resources by activating this powerful, bespoke platform solution 

Institutional Asset Owner

We have long-standing relationships with institutional asset owners in multiple jurisdictions around the globe and have designed tailored services for:

  1. Family offices (FOs): Simply put, family offices are privately held firms that serve as wealth steweards for one or more ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UHNWI) or families (single and mulit-family offices). Unlike traditional wealth management, they offer an end-to-end oversight of wealth for one or more private asset owner families, and have in many regions have replaced the traditional private banking model. .In fact, many family offices have taken on some institutional-like attributes into their governance structure and their investment approach.

  2. Pension schemes/funds: This is the largest of the asset owners and includes national pensions funds (sponsored by a government), corporate pensions, public pensions ( which provide public servants/employees with defined benefits), and union pensions operated by groups of companies for their worker members. 
  3. Sovereign wealth funds (SWFs): These are state-owned investment funds and similar entities whose investable asset base is derived from a country’s reserves and has been set aside for intergenerational savings, reserve management, fiscal stabilisation, retirement benefits, and/or development.
  4. Intra-Governmental agencies & bodies: These are organisations composed either of sovereign states (other than SWFs which is covered above) or other organisations through formal treaties for addressing & serving common interests
  5. Endowments & foundations (E&Fs): Endowments and foundations are large pools of investments that benefit a specific charitable cause. Endowments tend to serve educational institutions (especially in the US) while foundations write grants for a wide range of causes.

How we support Institutional Asset Owners:

Trusts, foundations and holding companies: We ensure that assets are protected through efficient and compliant administration of trusts, foundations, and various types of holding companies in key jurisdictions worldwide.  As one of the world’s largest independent and award-winning provider of trust and fund services, you can rest assured you’re in good hands.

Private funds & co-investment vehicles: Peace of mind comes with knowing your institution’s assets so as to ensure optimisation and protection. IQ-EQ can help with the establishment, administration, compliance, and accounting for all types of regulated and unregulated private funds structures, both for your own institutional but also to facilitate co-investment with other institutions and/or private asset owners

Multi-asset class specialist administration: We offer a comprehensive range of services across all asset classes:

  • Alternative asset fund administration and domiciliation (private equity / real estate / debt / hedge)
  • Fund management (regulated and unregulated, including private fund co-investment and joint venture structures)
  • Secure title and custody
  • Asset transaction management
  • Treasury
  • AIFMs
  • Trust and foundation set up, administration and domiciliation
  • Bookkeeping and accounting
  • Financial statements
  • NAV reporting and performance monitoring
  • Bank reconciliation services
  • Risk Management, compliance, and reporting
  • Provision of professional directors, officers and trustees

Risk management, compliance & reporting: We help you meet your risk management, compliance, and reporting requirements.

Our services include:

  • Access to AML/KYC RegTech SaaS offering powered by MaxComply
  • Risk management, compliance, and reporting  
  • Multi-asset class KRI reporting 
  • Regulatory hosting platform
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Tracking and reporting
  • ILPA reporting
  • Tax returns and regulatory filings
  • FATCA and CRS global reporting
  • Gathering information from drawdowns and distributions and producing quarterly reports

ESG services: We can support the ESG compliance needs of asset owners through IQ-EQ Compass, an integrated service offering that incorporates client insights, sector expertise and our powerful technology platform to simplify ESG compliance and help build sustainable value and reputational resilience. We can create an integrated ESG strategy tailored to your requirements with modules on:

  • ESG Health Check
  • ESG Reputational Assessment
  • ESG Foundation
  • ESG Reporting
  • Tracking the ESG metrics of your alternative investments

Portfolio monitoring powered by IQ-EQ Cosmos: Through IQ-EQ Cosmos, asset owners can see their entire investment across asset classes, such as cash and public securities, private equity and venture capital, debt funds, as well as real estate, on a single dashboard. The platform provides:

  • Access to owners’ entire investments across all asset classes on a single dashboard
  • Access to portfolio insights on any device, providing actionable intelligence in real time
  • Capture information such as IRRs, TVPIs, benchmarks or other performance metrics, that can be organised at a portfolio, fund or company level, with different data points displayed in customised dashboards
  • Assess their risk and performance to effectively respond to a crisis and address any concerns
  • Data repository services via BOX

Capital markets: IQ-EQ provides support for Securitisation, Aircraft Financing, Insurance, SPACs, and Real Estate. We have in-depth knowledge of the full range of services associated with these specific sectors and a strong track record of successful transactions for a broad range of clients. Our flexibility, agility and experience means that we can handle smaller private transactions through to multi-tranche, multi-currency global financings

Outsourced CFO and COO services: Outsourced Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operations Officer positions serve to satisfy the needs of asset owners in various situations. For asset owners who find that their full-time resources are not fully utilised, who need to create bandwidth for internal teams, or who need to temporarily fill positions – outsourcing these roles is an efficient and cost-effective solution.

IQ-EQ can perform virtually every task that an in-house CFO and /or COO would provide for asset owners, and other various structure types.

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We've been associated with IQ-EQ since 2008 which is a testament in itself.  They have been professional and dedicated in their role.


We have been client of IQ-EQ for 12 years now which by itself is a testament. We are indebted to IQ-EQ for being on their toes, prompt service, problem solving and supporting/resolving investor queries. The team from top to bottom have been great asset for us.

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The IQ-EQ Investor Solutions team, listened to our requirements and provided a custom built, investor solutions platform providing accurate and reliable data. The data analytics platform supports the team in their investment decision making.

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