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MaxComply™️ from IQ-EQ, puts the world’s leading risk and compliance workflow technology at your fingertips, delivering the simplest and safest onboarding experience for you, your investors, and, your clients.

This digital platform features; facial biometrics, global address matching, and ID validation - all contributing to a simple and seamless KYC & AML journey. 

MaxComply is also a powerful employee compliance tool used by compliance professionals to support scheduling, delivery, and capture returns of all certifications and attestations (such as SMCR in the UK). It also allows preclearance and disclosure of employees’ activities around personal account dealing, gifts & entertainment, training logs, outside business interests, and private investments MaxComply will help you make informed decisions faster while safely automating the on-boarding, verifications, and KYC/AML monitoring processes, with rigorous audit trail evidence.

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Key Functionality

Key Functionality