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Asset protection

Protecting your assets is fundamental to managing your wealth. That means mitigating your risk against political expropriation, claims from a former spouse or related family member or legal action arising from a high risk occupation, among others.

Your asset protection structures need to be put in place early to guard against any future liability not when the liability has occurred or is expected to occur.  We implement and manage those structures for you.

Asset protection structures – which often include a trust but may also include a foundation – offer a number of benefits, including:

Our services in relation to trusts include;

  • Establishing your trust, whether it’s a discretionary, purpose, grantor, settlor directed or reserved power trust.
  • Working with your legal advisers to draft the trust deed.
  • Acting as trustee.
  • Carrying out the day-to-day management and administration of the trust.
  • Providing accounting services.

Our services in relation to foundations include:

  • Establishing and administering foundations in a number of jurisdictions.
  • Working with your advisers to draft appropriate rules and regulations for your foundation.
  • Provision of council members, all drawn from our experienced senior management team.
  • Acting as a registered agent.
  • Administration and accountancy services.

When you establish an entity, it needs to meet your wealth preservation requirements. You need to feel confident that it’s the right type of entity, in the right jurisdiction.  Our expert teams work with you and your advisers to ensure those wealth preservation needs are met. We also provide qualified professionals – trustees, directors, protectors, company secretaries - for your entities and on-going administration support throughout the lifecycle of your structure.

IQ-EQ provides private wealth services to help global investors focus on investing and preserving capital in a sustainable and compliant manner.

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