Launch Advisory Services

We partner with senior executives and key stakeholders of investment management and financial services firms to carefully weigh possibilities, assess and manage risk, and ultimately select a strategic vision with the strongest potential for stakeholder value and success.

Startup Advisory

  • Service Provider Selection
  • Operational Infrastructure Setup
  • Technology & System Selection
  • Setup of Bank Accounts
  • Expense Matrix and Allocation Methodology
  • Establishment of Internal Controls and Cash Movement Protocols
  • Financial, Operational and Valuation Policies and Procedures Development

Business Advisory and Consulting

  • Launch advisory and ongoing consulting
  • Service provider selection
  • Operational infrastructure setup
  • Setup of bank accounts
  • Establishment of internal controls and cash movement protocols
  • Financial, operational and valuation policies and procedures development
  • Infrastructure supportĀ 
  • Operational continuity management
  • Disaster recovery plan development
  • Liquidity services
  • Fund dissolution services
  • Internal control reviews

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