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The Real Estate sector can be challenging to manage the different types of real estate investment fund structures, real estate finance, jurisdictions and operating models in your sector. You want to enhance focus, reduce risk, improve operations and drive value for your real estate investors. IQ-EQ Real Estate Investment Fund Services team combine their technical understanding of the sector and real estate private equity with a proven track record in real estate structures and real estate investment funds across multiple jurisdictions.

Our experience covers a broad range of structures and property types including real estate investment funds, real estate hedge funds, real estate private equity, commercial real estate investments such as office buildings, shopping centres, care homes, warehouses, student accommodation, hotels, motorway service areas, and residential developments such as multi-family real estate (apartment complexes), and land purchases.

Robust capital real estate processes provide you with the support you require on managing your real estate investment funds. Including, advisory/management fee calculations; NAV; waterfall calculations; calculating capital calls; distributions; outstanding commitments, financial statement preparation and tax returns. Also, REIT compliance and secretarial services.  We are experienced in using real estate technology platforms such as Yardi or Horizon to manage our clients' capital real estate investment needs.

Our Real Estate Services extends beyond real estate investment funds, we provide a single point of contact to manage your real estate equity and investment needs across geographies and real estate structures. From fund to holding company to the real estate investment itself. Supported by our Real Estate Services team provides bookkeepers, accounting, corporate, and real estate portfolio management services as well as transactional support.  We understand the importance of working within clearly defined deadlines and reporting requirements within tight time scales.

Through our AIF ManCo and AIF depositary services, real estate fund managers are able to market and distribute their AIF’s in Europe. The IQ-EQ AIF ManCo provides a range of AIFMD regulatory compliant services for (EU and Non-EU) alternative fund managers in the areas of risk management, structuring, compliance and external valuation services from the leading European fund centres of Luxembourg, Paris and London. We are authorised in the key European fund centres of Luxembourg, the Netherlands and the UK to provide independent AIF Depositary Services.

Our Real Estate Services extends beyond real estate funds, or real estate portfolio managers support you through each stage of the property lifecycle and your real estate investment portfolio with the following services;

IQ-EQ is a member of INREV, the European Association for Investors in Non-Listed Real Estate and ANREV, the Asian Association for Investors in Non-listed Real Estate Vehicles. The Association of Real Estate Funds (AREF) and LuxReal the real estate association of Luxembourg. 

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