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Investment exit strategy, distribution and windup

STAGE FOUR – Realising investments and windup

As you successfully execute your investment exit strategy and exit your investment portfolio, you want the transactions to complete as efficiently as possible. Any carried interest, waterfalls and distributions need to be expertly calculated and the windup process should be seamless, including liquidations, any tax arrangements and other elements. At IQ-EQ, we help your investment exit strategy complete flawlessly.

We provide;

  • Investor distributions.
  • Carried interest and fee calculations for private equity and venture capital.
  • Tax filings and compliance.
  • Liquidations.

If you decide you wish to extend your investment horizon, restructure, re-invest, exit via the secondary market or your private equity investment is going to IPO we can provide the support you require to achieve your goals.

Whatever stage your fund is at, whether private equity, venture capital or other alternate asset strategy, we have the expertise to fully support your requirements wherever you operate from and wherever you domicile your funds. 

Fund lifecycle

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