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With its intuitive technology and easy-to-use reporting functions, gVue offers you an easier path to compliance that ensures you operate within regulatory requirements, as well as company policies.

gVue is a comprehensive solution for managing and monitoring your business's compliance activities. The platform gives you the ability to oversee:

  • Employees' personal securities trading in publicly traded equities and bonds, private investments, cryptocurrencies and more
  • Political contributions
  • Outside business activities
  • Gift reporting

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Key features:


gVue’s customisable requests module allows users to seek approval for trades, political contributions, outside business activities and more. Firm policies are built into gVue, automating the review process. 

Certifications and policies

gVue’s robust certification builder automates timely reporting of political contributions, gifts and entertainment, and outside business activities. The document repository makes all compliance documents accessible to users. 


gVue’s centralised dashboard concisely displays all outstanding tasks, pending requests and brokerage accounts. The user-friendly interface makes it easy for users to meet their compliance obligations.

Personal trading and deal monitoring

gVue seamlessly links to more than 4,000 brokerages, allowing users to connect their brokerage accounts in seconds. Personal trading data is downloaded on a nightly basis, automating the review process. 

Business rules and reporting

gVue’s powerful reporting feature allows you to quickly generate compliance review reports and trading summaries for employees to ensure a culture of compliance within your organisation.