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Asset & Company Liquidation Services

You are considering a voluntary company liquidation or the liquidation of your investment portfolio due to operational or regulatory challenges. Your fund may have reached its maturity, you may have sold your investment, legislation may have changed or you would like to reduce costs by simplifying your structure and winding up and liquidating dormant companies. The IQ-EQ liquidation services team comprises qualified experts providing responsive and pragmatic support throughout the asset or company liquidation process from preparation to closure, whether solvent or insolvent.

As the process of winding up a company can involve many parties, centralised communication is the key to an efficient and smooth completion. Whether we act as an independent third party liquidator or assist the appointed liquidator and liaise with all parties involved, our business and asset liquidation team has the experience to manage the communications with all parties and provide a central point of contact for all stakeholders.

Our asset and company liquidation services include;

  • Assistance in the pre-liquidation analysis and determination of the most efficient and compliant way to liquidate assets tailored to your needs
  • Preparation of all legal documentation in relation to the liquidation
  • Coordination and communication with all parties involved in the wind up of a company or asset
  • Liquidator or liquidation auditor’s mandate
  •  Final payments and distribution to stakeholders
  • Assistance with post-liquidation operations

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