Solar panels make savvy savings for IQ-EQ’s Curaçao office

IQ-EQ in Curacao

The future is green, and our Curaçao office is one step ahead. Since August 2014, the IQ-EQ-owned building has had solar panels installed on its roof – that’s eight years of renewable, sustainable energy.

While the world battles an energy crisis, our Curaçao team has been reaping the rewards of Caribbean sunshine – on average, we produce 6000kWh per month. What’s more, during the seven-week-long lockdown in March and April 2021, we sold approximately 6300kWh because the office was closed.

Not only is green energy economically viable, it also uses less carbon, which reduces our carbon footprint. Curaçao generates around 34% of its current electricity production through wind and solar energy and has a national objective to obtain 50% of national energy needs from locally available renewable energy resources by 2035.

We’re happy to contribute to a safer, sustainable future at IQ-EQ!

IQ-EQ in Curacao