When you establish an entity, it needs to meet your requirements. You need to feel confident that it’s the right type of entity, in the right jurisdiction.  Our expert teams work with you and your advisers to ensure those needs are met.  We also provide qualified professionals – trustees, directors, protectors, company secretaries - for your entities and on-going fiduciary services throughout the lifecycle of your structure including trust and estate planning.

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Our services include;


Your requirements may be best served by a company.  Working across 23 locations, we have extensive experience of establishing a range of company types around the world. These include:

  • Private companies.
  • Private limited companies.
  • Public limited companies.
  • Companies limited by guarantee and unlimited companies.

Our services in relation to company formation include:

  • Incorporation.
  • Provision of directors.
  • Provision of registered office.
  • Provision of registered agent or company secretary.
  • Provision of nominee shareholders to assist with the administration of buying and selling holdings on behalf of clients.


If you wish to retain control over your assets but don’t wish to create a trust, then a foundation may be the answer.  Foundations are attractive alternatives to a common law trust, particularly if you are more familiar with civil law. They can be an effective planning tool for private wealth, asset protection and charitable purposes; in some jurisdictions, they may be used for commercial purposes.

Like trusts, foundations do not have shareholders. Instead they have a founder and beneficiaries. Unlike trusts, foundations are run, in accordance with their regulations, by a council rather than trustees or directors. Foundations also have their own legal personality and the ability to enter into contracts in their own right.

Our services in relation to foundations include:

  • Establishing and administering foundations in a number of jurisdictions.
  • Working with your advisers to draft appropriate rules and regulations for your foundation.
  • Provision of council members, all drawn from our experienced senior management team.
  • Acting as a registered agent.
  • Administration and accountancy services.


You may be interested investing in funds, either as an individual setting up a private fund or as part of a group of investors.  Whichever type of fund you choose, we can establish the relevant fund structure:

Managed trust companies

If you’re expanding into a new market but cannot justify the initial investment involved in setting up a new stand-alone office, then a managed trust company is a good option. You enjoy the benefits of having your own branded trust company, with minimised costs and resources. We establish and support managed trust company arrangements. Typically, we assign a director-led team to administer the structure on a day-to-day basis.

We provide:

  • Directors.
  • Registered office.
  • Registered agent / company secretary.
  • Compliance support.
  • Accountancy and administration services.

Private trust companies

If you want to remain involved in the on-going management of your trust structure, then it’s worth looking at Private Trust Companies (PTC’s).  Widely used by structured finance specialists for many years, PTC’s are now becoming a popular choice for private individuals and families.  PTC’s are companies incorporated solely to act as a trustee of a specific trust or group of trusts.  You can retain an element of influence over your underlying assets by directing the appointment of various roles at each level of your structure.  We can help you and your family set up your own PTC.

Securitisation vehicles

You may have an art collection which you want to retain as a whole collection however you still want all your family members to benefit from it. Art collections can be securitized to allow the division of ownership and any resulting revenue whilst keeping the complete collection. Securitisation has become an ideal and financially effective to maintain a collection over generations. An extremely wide range of assets can be securitised: securities (shares, loans, bonds), movable (yachts, aircraft, cars, jewellery) and immovable property (land, woods, buildings) and any activity that has a certain value or future income e.g. patents and royalties.

Our professionals provide support for a range of securitisation vehicles and associated corporate structures and underlying assets.  We can act as share trustee to hold the shares in nominee structures or as security trustee, protecting the interests of the noteholders.

Standard trusts

Your reasons for establishing a trust may be for a variety of reasons including:

Whatever your reasons, we can help by:

  • Establishing your trust, whether it’s a discretionary, purpose, grantor, settlor directed or reserved power trust.
  • Working with your legal advisers to draft the trust deed.
  • Acting as trustee.
  • Carrying out the day-to-day management and administration of the trust.
  • Providing accounting services.

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