Sound Bites

Podcast series

A mix of insightful interviews and webinars featuring IQ-EQ experts from across the group.

02 November 2022

In this session we will hear from panellists Sarmad Naim, IQ-EQ, Andrea McEvoy, IQ-EQ, Mark Harland, IQ-EQ and Georgie Thomas, ADM Capital Europe LLP. The panel will discuss what ESG means for each of them and will share some of the challenges they have faced and discussion around appropriate solutions.

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20 September 2022

In this episode of Between The Lines, Darren Mooney, managing director at IQ-EQ, dives deep into IQ-EQ’s proprietary compliance tool, gVue. 

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14 December 2021

IQ-EQ is delighted to share this podcast, where we look at investors’ views on the private capital landscape, their areas of interest and sectors of focus, as well as what is most exciting and most challenging about investing in the private capital industry today.

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24 May 2021

IQ-EQ’s Hugh Stacey defines greenwashing and shares his insight into how to recognise it. He also outlines how regulators and investors are taking action and what asset managers can do to avoid the greenwashing trap.

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18 March 2021

A conversation with Mark Fordyce about fully integrated back-office services on the Operational Leaders podcast with host Terrance O’Malley. The podcast features leaders and innovators who discuss the business of running an asset management business.

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04 November 2020

On 22 October, IQ-EQ hosted a webinar with IFI Global, Morgan Lewis, PwC and Edelweiss Asset Management on the theme of ‘Private Debt in Asia’, adding an Asian perspective to our recent private debt white paper.

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21 August 2020

An in-depth look into the new Hong Kong LPF regime discussing changing dynamics of the private fund industry in Asia, key features of the Hong Kong LPF and comparison with Cayman structures and an overview of the HK LPF taxation treatment.

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13 May 2020

IQ-EQ hosted an exclusive webinar, in collaboration with Real Deals, on Tuesday 28 April 2020. The topic of discussion was “The growing importance of technology in the current private equity landscape” with the panel moderated by Real Deals.

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28 April 2020

IQ-EQ's Serge Krancenblum recently appeared on the Flex and the City podcast, hosted by FTC Global's Rachel Treece.

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09 April 2020

Are investments in real estate an effective hedging tool against the current global economic environment?

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17 December 2020

Here we share a recording of our webinar in partnership with KPMG Singapore, where a panel of experts examined Singapore’s strengthening position as a leading jurisdiction for funds.

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