Mark Fordyce on Comprehensive Outsourced Solutions

18 March 2021

A conversation with Mark Fordyce about fully integrated back-office services on the Operational Leaders podcast with host Terrance O’Malley.  The podcast features leaders and innovators who discuss the business of running an asset management business. 

Mark Fordyce had an idea to create a firm that provides a full suite of outsourced services to alternative investment managers.  Then he executed on it.  The result - in 2009 Mark co-founded Blue River Partners which has since grown to become the preeminent outsourced service provider to the alternative asset management industry.

In this episode, Mark talks about starting and growing Blue River Partners and a key early decision to combine legal and compliance support with accounting and operations.  He also discusses the advantages to outsourcing, the trend and gradual acceptance of the outsourcing option.  Along the way, Mark describes the recent acquisition of Blue River Partners by global Investor Services provider IQ-EQ and what that will mean for Blue River and how it reflects ongoing changes in the industry.

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