IQ-EQ welcomes IFFAC as newest Launchpad client

IQ-EQ is pleased to announce a new participant in our Launchpad programme: Impact Fund for African Creatives (IFFAC). The first of its kind, IFFAC is an impact investor focused on identifying and supporting top creative talent in Africa.

With its female founder and particular focus on supporting female entrepreneurs, IFFAC is an ideal fit for IQ-EQ Launchpad, which aims to rebalance the prevailing gender imbalance in the global asset management industry by providing a tailored and comprehensive support package to female managers raising their first fund.

IFFAC’s mission is to empower the creative sector of Africa through structuring, facilitating and enabling entities in the creative sector to access capital, resources and international marketing avenues with profitability and integrity. Their three-pronged strategy for achieving impact and ROI includes an incubator programme and grant funding to drive the success of new business ideas and concepts; an accelerator and venture capital fund to facilitate the creation of new products or services; and a growth, development and infrastructure fund designed to provide follow-on growth financing to mature ventures.

Roberta Annan, founder and Managing Partner of IFFAC, is a globally renowned investment expert, businesswoman and philanthropist. She is a United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Goodwill Ambassador for the Creative Economy and is deeply passionate about bridging the gap between investment capital and the untapped potential of African creative and cultural industries. She is also the founder of The African Fashion Foundation, a non-profit that invests in early-stage SMEs in Africa’s creative sector, so it is appropriate that IFFAC formally launched in Paris at the end of Paris Fashion Week.

“Africa is brimming with talent that has influenced global creativity and culture for many years. Yet, its rapidly growing creative sector is often overlooked and relatively untapped,” says Roberta. “The ethos of our fund is to make a case for the commercial viability of African creative and cultural industries through the provision of technical and financial support required by producers of creative and cultural goods and services to build high-value, profitable businesses. We’re delighted to have the support of IQ-EQ’s Launchpad programme, which aligns so closely to our core values of diversity and inclusion with the express support of female fund managers.”