IQ-EQ enhances MaxComply

IQ-EQ is pleased to announce further enhancements to our proprietary MaxComply™️ software platform, a best-in-class compliance management and investor onboarding tool that puts the world’s leading risk and compliance workflow technology at our clients’ fingertips.

Available on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) basis, MaxComply delivers the simplest and safest onboarding experience for firms, their investors and clients. Key features of the enhanced platform include:

  • Expanded range of verification functions, including facial biometrics, global address checking and ID validation
  • Real-time checks of global politically exposed persons (PEP), sanctions and media lists
  • Smart risk engines tuned to the client’s specific regulatory requirements, only releasing documents and contracts for electronic signing once the compliance criteria have been met
  • Configurable dashboards and tailored reporting that provide real-time views of the firm’s global relationships as well as easy access to complete auditable records

MaxComply is also a powerful employee compliance tool used by compliance professionals to support:

  • Scheduling, delivery, and capturing returns of all certifications and attestations (such as SMCR in the UK)
  • Preclearance and disclosure of employees’ activities around personal account dealing, gifts and entertainment, training logs, outside business interests and private investments

Click below to watch our new MaxComply promotional video: