IQ-EQ's Sustainability Week

IQ-EQ organised an internal Sustainability Week. The theme was ‘growing our common culture’. Over 300 participants attended six webinars on various topics including a Sustainability Q&A with IQ-EQ’s Group Management Team; mental health awareness sessions; learning about tree planting with our partner Eden Reforestation Projects; diversity matters with Kay Allen (Charlotte Sweeney Associates), and growing our common culture with Maggie De Pree (League of Intrapreneurs). 

Colleagues were also invited to share what sustainability means to them via videos and blogs. IQ-EQ offices took part in sustainable activities e.g. in Cayman they installed recycling bins; in Bermuda they gave colleagues eco-friendly lunch bags; in Singapore they grew rainbow radish plants; Belfast and Luxembourg offices also organised charity shop donations.

It's been a really interesting week to learn about sustainability, our company's strategies and how we can positively impact our communities and planet.