IQ-EQ Compass


Introducing IQ-EQ Compass, an innovative and integrated service offering that simplifies Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) compliance while helping build sustainable value and reputational resilience.

Changes in the international regulatory landscape, paired with the Covid-19 pandemic, have accelerated investors’ interest in sustainable investments while also increasing pressure on organisations to provide more transparency around ESG reporting. Having the right ESG framework in place has therefore become a top priority for alternative asset managers, corporates and private investors alike. Contact us here for more information.

IQ-EQ Compass incorporates a full suite of ESG services including:

  • ESG Health Check – a gap analysis that enables managers to understand their current position on the ESG spectrum
  • ESG Reputational Assessment – comprehensive ESG reputational reports on funds, portfolio companies and their leadership teams
  • ESG Foundations – assistance in drafting ESG policies, frameworks and procedures
  • ESG Reporting – collecting and compiling of ESG data and drafting of ESG and Impact performance reports

These services are supported by a powerful technology dashboard, which enables managers and investors to navigate, monitor and benchmark their ESG KPIs against the leading ESG frameworks, including the World Economic Forum ESG metrics.

IQ-EQ Compass not only ensures regulatory compliance but uncovers actionable intelligence, empowering clients to make the right decisions at the right time through all stages of the investment cycle.

Are you ready for SFDR?

SFDR relates to the publication of information from financial market participants on the sustainability of their investment decisions. This sets requirements for Funds based in the EU as well as those managing capital raised in the EU. Once the new regulation takes effect, such parties will be required to disclose at entity and product level how they build sustainability into the products they provide and how products that are branded as sustainable achieve their objectives. Most of the requirements will apply from 10 March 2021.

Download our new SFDR factsheet to understand how SFDR will impact you and how IQ-EQ can assist.

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