The US, Europe, Cayman? Tackling regulatory barriers for US private equity firms

Cayman Islands

In the wake of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010, private equity firms in the United States have been subjected to a variety of additional regulation, from Form PF to Securities and Exchange Commission registration.

Nevertheless, US-based private equity firms seeking to grow overseas still have favorable opportunities for establishing new funds in Europe as well as the Cayman Islands – even with the latter looking to enhance private equity regulation.

Indeed, proposals for additional Cayman Islands financial services and investment regulations are in line with global efforts to enhance AML and CFT infrastructure, while the Cayman government remains friendly to new investment. The territory’s adherence to British law, common use of English in business and everyday affairs and proximity to the US continue to make the island jurisdiction a favorable destination for PE fund registration and growth.

In my article on Cayman iNEWS, published last week, I home in on Cayman and also key European jurisdictions, examining why they are highly attractive and welcoming options for those US firms looking to expand and invest internationally.

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