Three key disrupters affecting alternative fund managers

Three disrupters changing the outlook of the alternative funds industry

As more managers embrace automation, evolve their investor reporting frameworks and consider big data implementation, the industry finds itself in a state of flux.

Alternative fund managers are experiencing a period of profound change that is transforming the way they interact with investors. As I discuss in the new Preqin Special Report, three key disruptors are set to revolutionise the alternative funds industry, which has been somewhat behind the curve until now. They are:

  1. Technology - waking up to the opportunities and embracing automation
  2. Standardisation and digitisation of reporting to meet regulatory and investor demands
  3. The rise of 'big data'

Disruption is here to stay. The most successful alternative fund managers will be those that can use
strategic thinking and approaches to capitalise on all of the new tools at their disposal.

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Preqin Special Report: Service Providers in Alternative Assets