The potential of Guernsey for investment professionals post-Brexit

Guernsey Harbour

Whilst the EU and UK’s messy divorce continues to unfold, the island of Guernsey has remained a dependable home for financial services.

Guernsey’s global position and leverage within the financial services sector is unique. As the UK works to establish itself as a financial player outside of the European Union, Guernsey’s operations remain largely unchanged. Although the island has a very close relationship with the UK, as a self-governing British Crown dependency it has never itself been an EU member, leaving it protected from the direct impacts of Brexit. In an environment of uncertainty, the continuity that Guernsey’s political neutrality has to offer makes it highly sought after by global investors.

In my latest article published by Guernsey Finance, I explore more reasons why the island is standing out as a promising growth opportunity for investment professionals post-Brexit. Click below to read:

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