Marketing non-EEA funds in Europe


On 12 May we presented a webinar on the European marketing rules for non-EEA funds.

Why is this important?

First, Europe is the second largest pool of capital after the US with almost €120bn raised in 2021. There is a well-trodden path of US managers coming to Europe once they have reached a certain size at home. London has typically been the starting point but Brexit has cast some doubts on whether that remains the best choice. So being in Europe means complying with the rules in Europe.

Second, EU regulators are increasing their scrutiny of the marketing and distribution of alternative investment funds, in the most wide ranging changes since the regulations were introduced in 2014. They have particular focus on the reverse solicitation rules which have long been the go-to strategy for US managers.

Our session covers the rules, the changes, and the potential solutions. We hope you find it useful.