Live and work in Mauritius with the Premium Travel Visa

Life in Mauritius

Available since 16 November 2020, Mauritius’ new Premium Travel Visa allows you to live and work in the jurisdiction for a period of one year and is renewable.

This measure was announced by the Mauritius Cabinet on Friday 23 October to encourage eligible foreigners to come to Mauritius for long stays.

The country’s excellent sanitary standards, state of the art infrastructure and technology – packaged with a tropical and relaxing lifestyle – makes Mauritius an ideal destination to live and work abroad.

The island, which has been exemplary in its management of the COVID-19 pandemic, has been progressively reopening its borders to the world whilst applying the highest standards and protocols to ensure the safety of visitors as well as nationals.

This Premium Visa allows non-citizens from countries listed in the Eighth Schedule of the Passport Regulations to come to Mauritius. The online application for the visa is free of charge and approval is granted within 48 hours.

Who can apply for a Premium Travel Visa?

The new visa targets, amongst others, the following categories of non-citizens:

  • Repeat tourists who had planned to retire and migrate to Mauritius prior to the COVID-19 outbreak
  • An investor or a professional wishing to carry out business or work remotely in Mauritius, accompanied by their family
  • A resident under an occupational permit looking to invite family members for a long stay in Mauritius
  • A visitor who has children studying in Mauritius.

How does a person qualify for the Premium Travel Visa?

In applying for the visa, a person has to show proof of:

  • His/her long stay plan
  • Sufficient travel and health insurance
  • Sufficient funds to cover for the cost of the stay.

How can IQ-EQ Mauritius assist?

IQ-EQ Mauritius would be delighted to handle your family’s relocation requirements. Our services include:

  • Support through the visa application process
  • Assistance in finding appropriate accommodation and schooling based on individual preferences
  • Working with local cargo agents for customs clearance of belongings and liaising with relevant authorities for the import of pets
  • Facilitation of application for Occupational Permit
  • Arrangement of bank account opening.

Get in touch

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