IQ-EQ's top 5 funds insights in 2020

Top 5 funds insights 2020

As we race to the end of 2020, here is a round-up of the top five most-viewed blog posts from IQ-EQ's Funds & Institutional segment this year.

1. The rise of private credit: who, what, where and why

Roxane Combe, Director, Funds

Marking a decade of significant growth, total global private debt AUM had grown to US$767.5 billion by the end of 2018, according to the definitive 2019 report on private credit from the ACC and Dechert. The report also forecasts a bright future for the asset class, with the US and European markets pinpointed as the largest sources of potential growth over the next three years. In this context, Roxane aims to shed some more light on private credit (also known as private debt) - what it is, what's driving its growth and what its future may hold.

2. COVID-19: A checklist for private equity fund managers

Justin Partington, Group Head of Funds

There's been a lot for fund managers to think through while the extent of COVID-19 disruption remains uncertain. This was particularly the case in the immediate aftermath of the outbreak. For managers operating within the private funds space, Justin provided a 'checklist' of key considerations and best-practice actions that we saw implemented across the sector in light of the pandemic.

3. Outsourcing fund administration: realising the benefits and retaining control

Mark McKeary, Director, Funds

The ever-changing regulatory landscape, increasing investor demands and rapidly evolving use of technology have been driving a trend towards outsourcing in the fund administration industry. Mark takes a closer look at these core catalysts as well as the different operational models available to ensure that, once a decision to outsource has been made, fund managers are able to retain the level of control they desire over the flow of information to their investors.

4. The Hong Kong limited partnership fund, explained

Jimmy Leong, Chief Commercial Officer, Asia

On 31 August 2020, an attractive new fund structure became available in Hong Kong, providing the opportunity for Hong Kong domiciled private funds to be structured as a limited partnership. Here, Jimmy provides an overview of the new HK LPF structure, who it is for and its key benefits.

5. The merits of private debt in these troubled times

Sridhar Nagarajan, Regional Managing Director, Africa

Private debt funds have emerged since the global financial crisis as a major force in the market and are poised for further growth as banks again struggle with stretched repayments and interest moratoriums amid COVID-19 disruption, opening up opportunities for private debt managers to take the keys from distressed borrowers and turn businesses around. Sridhar details why private debt is set to thrive in a post-COVID world.