IQ-EQ Masterclass: Challenges facing first-time fund managers

Women in Leadership

IQ-EQ is delighted to share the first of our new IQ-EQ Masterclass series for first-time fund managers; an expertly created programme of interactive webinars developed in association with IQ-EQ Launchpad. In this session, we examine and discuss the specific challenges facing first-time fund managers and how to overcome them.

The online series will consist of five sessions in total and each will be available to view as a webinar or to listen to as a podcast. The series aims to address the challenges faced by first-time fund managers, the best practices of fund administration and why fund domicile selection matters.

Carmel McCartney, IQ-EQ Training Manager, facilitated our first masterclass in the series, leading with the question: what are the challenges facing first-time managers in the fund administration landscape? Throughout the session Carmel covers problems that may arise during the set-up process, calculating cost-time efficiency, and preparing for the unknowns. She also provides an overview of four success factors that IQ-EQ believes are critical to launching a maiden fund.

You can watch this first IQ-EQ Masterclass session in full here:

If you are a first-time fund manager, or if you simply have a query about the topics discussed during the webinar, please do not hesitate to contact the IQ-EQ team.

To find out more about IQ-EQ Launchpad, please see our brochure here.