Guernsey caters for the new breed of international family

Catering to the needs of international wealthy families

As fiduciary professionals, we are operating in a rapidly evolving world of international families and ownership structures; one where international regulation and compliance requirements become increasingly complex just as clients become more global in their outlook. The old order is giving way to the new, with new geographies and enhanced services coming to the fore as we seek to cater for the new breed of international family.

The situation in Guernsey is no exception, where we’re experiencing a marked shift away from our past UK-centricity. Moreover, some family structures are starting to resemble cross-border company structures as international footprints widen and needs advance.

This is the focus of my article in eprivateclient's 2019 Guernsey report, released earlier this month. Visit to access the full report, or you can read my article by clicking the download link in the right-hand column.