Fund domiciliation remains key consideration for managers

Which direction to take your fund domiciliation?

Earlier this year, in line with the launch of our Fund Domiciliation Report, IQ-EQ hosted a special Thought Leadership Series event in London, during which an expert panel discussed the impact of evolving regulations on fund domicile selection. 

Among the event attendees was AlphaWeek's Greg Winterton, who recently followed up with our Group Head of Funds, Justin Partington, to talk more about the current landscape for fund domiciliation and what managers looking to launch new funds should consider.

In an insightful Q&A, Justin shares his thoughts on the impact of a range of factors on fund domicile decisions – including the OECD's BEPS initiative, Britain now being just six months away from 'full Brexit', and recent updates to fund laws in jurisdictions like the Cayman Islands – as well as broader fund domiciliation trends. Click below to read the interview:

Read AlphaWeek Q&A with Justin Partington