First-time fund managers masterclass, hosted by IQ-EQ and Brackendale

Women in Leadership

In July 2022, IQ-EQ partnered with Brackendale Consulting to deliver our first in-person masterclass since the pandemic. The session, designed for GPs raising their maiden fund, examined how to overcome the specific challenges faced by these first-time managers in order to better attract the interest of LPs.

Throughout the masterclass, our industry experts provided an overview of effective communication, covered key aspects of fundraising, and guided the audience on how to raise a successful first-time fund, sharing techniques for managing tough investor questions. 

From IQ-EQ, attendees heard from funds director Joe Woodbury and group funds advisor J.P. Harrop. Representing Brackendale, a consultancy offering marketing, branding and training services to the private equity industry, were CEO Fay Margo and COO Laura Shelley. Presentations were followed by an "off the record" Q&A.

We are now pleased to share a set of videos recapping the event and covering each of the main presentations:

Access the video recordings