ESG: Searching for substance behind the acronym

Searching for substance behind the ESG acronym

ESG is an acronym much used but perhaps less understood. In a nutshell, the 'E' (environmental) and 'S' (social) describe a range of impacts that a company has on both people and planet, while the 'G' (governance) relates to the strength of the company's internal workings; its processes, systems and management structures.

As is increasingly recognised, ESG criteria can and should serve to enhance a company's business plan and commercial success. With this in mind, IQ-EQ has worked together with international law firm Charles Russell Speechlys (CRS) to deliver a detailed white paper that strives to better understand the various components of ESG and find the substance behind the acronym.

Throughout the white paper, we seek to set out what ESG might mean for our clients in terms of the output of their businesses, the internal running of their businesses and operations, the relationships they have with their stakeholders, and the impact that their businesses or investments have. Click below to find out more and download the white paper:

Download ESG white paper