Corporate governance and the impact of COVID-19 (Part 2)

Remote corporate governance

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen business risks and challenges evolving at an unprecedented pace, making the significance of timely communication between directors and senior management more important than ever before – even though worldwide travel restrictions and physical distancing measures have made it much tougher, if not impossible, to touch base in person.

At IQ-EQ, we firmly believe that the current inability of directors to meet in person should not hinder effective corporate governance. In this factsheet series, we bring to you the rules and regulations from a selection of leading international financial centres to help directors and shareholders across geographies proactively keep in close contact with senior management and advisors, while understanding the challenges posed to business by COVID-19.

With information on the United Kingdom, Cayman Islands, Guernsey, Singapore and Hong Kong, this is the second in a series of factsheets covering all of the key jurisdictions in which IQ-EQ operates. 

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To read our first factsheet, which covers Ireland, The Netherlands, Jersey, Luxembourg, the Isle of Man and Mauritius, please click here.