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Tax compliance services

The complexities of managing your fund’s tax compliance and reporting requirements across multiple international jurisdictions each with their own tax laws and investor tax reporting requirements can be a challenge. Investor tax reporting for funds is a very demanding and constantly evolving area. It is important to ensure your funds are compliant from an investor tax reporting perspective. That's where our tax compliance services and solutions will ease the pressure. We understand the complexities and international tax compliance requirements across multiple jurisdictions and can develop a tax compliance solution, tailored to your needs.

We provide international tax compliance services;

  • Assistance with the review of fund structures to determine the Financial Institution and tax classification under FATCA.
  • A Responsible Officer or Point of Contact for the registration process.
  • Assistance with the implementation of procedures.
  • Establish the FATCA/CRS status of each new account holder, collating and storing documentation, and review of residence or citizenship.
  • Provide reporting and audit trails along with due diligence assistance and support.

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