Established Hedge Funds and new Hedge Fund launches

Our team of professionals have decades of experience working with hedge funds ranging from emerging managers to some of the largest and most prominent financial institutions in the world. Our collective coverage spans the universe of trading strategies and asset classes, including:

  • Long/short equity
  • Long only/biased
  • Short only/biased
  • Global macro
  • Market neutral
  • Statistical arbitrage
  • Credit and distressed debt
  • Fixed income
  • Event driven
  • Merger arbitrage
  • Convertible arbitrage
  • Relative value
  • Quantitative
  • Options
  • Emerging markets
  • Special situations

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With a fundamental understanding of these strategies, we can evaluate each firm’s unique regulatory risks, and structure a compliance program that is effectively tailored and commensurate with the likely level of SEC and/or NFA scrutiny. Basic compliance constructs are fairly simple; however, application of these principles requires a mastery of the underlying nuances, and that is where we thrive.

While the corporate structure of a traditional hedge fund is relatively straightforward, modern-day investment vehicle wrappers and fund complexes are often far more sophisticated, which adds incremental complexity to a firm’s compliance program. We can assist sponsors/managers in navigating the conflicts of interests, reporting obligations and other regulatory requirements related to master-feeder arrangements, parallel funds, funds-of-one, separately managed accounts (SMAs), co-investments, side pockets and other related concepts. As true partners, we help a firm think through decisions regarding matters such as trade allocation, fee and expense allocation, soft dollar arrangements, MNPI, valuation and custody, and ensure that its internal procedures are consistent with investor representations, regulatory disclosures and the expectations of the SEC and/or NFA.

New Hedge Fund launches

Setting up the infrastructure for a new hedge fund launch is a daunting yet important step in a firm’s life cycle.

Whether it is a question about shorting in advance of a secondary offering, locating a hard-to-borrow security or simply setting restrictions on employee personal trading, our clients can rely on us to provide sound and practical advice in a timely manner.

Our New Hedge Fund Launch Program is designed for the emerging manager looking to raise capital for a new-pooled investment vehicle while minimising start up and overhead costs.

After the initial design phase, we work to implement a firm’s compliance program to ensure the written policies and procedures reflect reality. As we are often operating alongside a dual-hatted chief compliance officer wearing multiple titles, the goal of our hands-on approach is to shoulder as much of the administrative burden as possible, so our in-house counterpart can dedicate time and resources to other areas related to the launch. By leveraging our proprietary technology, we can streamline execution of our deliverables and drive efficiencies while minimising cost. Our goal is to be true partners with our clients, growing our relationship as each fund grows its respective business and AUM.

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