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Digital Assets

The world of money and finance has been disrupted since Bitcoin launched over ten years ago with the introduction of blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT). For this innovative asset class you need a cryptocurrency fund services provider who not only understands digital currencies and the DLT sector but also keep pace as it evolves at speed. We have the experience you require in this evolving asset class including its innovative financial channels, instruments and systems that are transforming financial transactions plus the opportunities for alternative capital raising.

At IQ-EQ we define Digital Assets as all forms of blockchain-based units, whether in the form of securities-like tokens, utility tokens, cryptocurrencies or otherwise.

We have a dynamic digital assets funds team that understands digital currencies, blockchain and DLT plus the support and services you need to launch and manage a cryptocurrency fund in this innovative sector. Our specialist team provides fund and institutional services for a range of digital assets including;

  • Actively traded. Typically day traded assets actively held on exchanges.
  • Index Fund. Funds traded on the top 20 cryptocurrencies as per Token Market Capitalisation.
  • High Frequency Trading. HFT traders trade actively on crypto exchanges leveraging on AI algorithms to execute profitable trades.
  • Buy and Hold. Assets bought and held for the underlying value of the token and the business.
  • ICO & STO. Offering of coins and security tokens, plus supporting the related infrastructure and compliance requirements.

As the sector is gaining more recognition and support from investors, industry, governments and central banks, the related regulatory landscape is also changing. Our team works with forward-thinking financial centres and their regulators to support the development of this emerging asset class.

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