I need help with fund regulations and compliance

As a fund manager it can be hard to keep up with all the global standards and compliance obligations that are ever increasing. You are operating in a complex, and highly regulated business environment. You need to ensure your fund is keeping up with the rapidly increasing complexity of the business environment in which the fund is operating in. We help ease the burden and ensure you meet your fund’s regulatory and compliance obligations.

IQ-EQ Compliance Services understand the issues and the problems from a practical point of view. Our team are experts in compliance, having worked for the regulators and with clients. We combine innovative RegTech solutions with our industry expertise to provide compliance services, including regulatory authorisation and ongoing compliance monitoring and tax compliance with FATCA and CRS.

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It is also important to ensure your funds are compliant from an investor tax reporting perspective which is a demanding and constantly evolving area. We understand the complexities and tax compliance requirements across multiple jurisdictions.

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