Collaboration between Mauritius and the Isle of Man teams

Collaboration between Mauritius and the Isle of Man teams

At IQ-EQ, we’ve 24 office locations around the world, and we’ve lots of opportunities for collaboration between teams in different jurisdictions.

Archana Gunnoo, Senior Executive and Diksha Teelokee, Executive from the Accounting team in IQ-EQ Mauritius went to the Isle of Man office on secondment for two weeks.

After two years of working closely with colleagues in the Isle of Man office, it was a great opportunity to meet the team and strengthen their relationships. It was arranged as soon as the travel restrictions were eased. They had some hotel recommendations and the hotel they chose was right by the seaside. Most of their free time was spent walking along the promenade enjoying the view. They also had good restaurant recommendations, which they were lucky enough to be able to try out.

We asked Archana and Diksha to share their experiences.

Archana commented: “The Isle of Man is a very beautiful island and we were blessed with some sunny weekends to enjoy its glory. From a professional perspective, it has provided us with a better insight regarding the processes and understanding their expectations and vice versa. More than anything though, it has definitely helped us create a bond with the team. We would definitely recommend anyone not to miss out on an opportunity like this! It is a great experience to meet with colleagues we have been working with and experience their culture. If you are going to the Isle of Man from Mauritius, do not forget your warm clothes! We weren’t quite prepared for how cold the weather would be!”

Diksha commented: “We will miss the long walks along the promenade, the luxury of hearing the waves crashing right by our rooms, the greenery around the office, the nice restaurants and lit streets at night. And not to sound too repetitive but meeting the people in person as well. We are very grateful for the welcome we received and the way we were taken care of made us feel at home!”