Celebrating Chinese New Year 2023

Chinese New Year started on Sunday 22 January, beginning the year of the Rabbit. Our colleagues in Mauritius, Jersey, London and Singapore celebrated the New Year in their offices.


To celebrate the Chinese New Year, our colleagues in Mauritius had the dragon dance at their office. Dragon dances chase away evil spirits and welcome prosperous times.


Our Jersey team decorated their office, provided fortune cookies and chocolate bunnies to their colleagues, and arranged a lunchtime celebration! Briony Sun also shared the traditions of Chinese New Year and gave the team a lesson in essential Mandarin!


In London, the kitchen was decorated with oranges, red envelopes and dragon pennants. In the oriental culture, the oranges symbolise ‘luck’ and the red envelopes stand for good wishes and luck for the new year. The CHESS team arranged a delicious Chinese take away lunch for everyone!


Our Singapore team also celebrated the New Year with the lion dance, exchanging red envelopes and enjoyed traditional Chinese food!

We wish everyone a very happy new year, Gong Xi Fa Cai / Kung Hei Fat Cho (恭喜發財 )!