Two Paths

International Women's Day

Lindsay Smith
Chief Administrative Officer, Constellation, part of IQ-EQ

Lindsay Smith

Being named Chief Administrative Officer was not only a recognition of the things that I have accomplished in my career but also in a way about the decisions and path I chose outside of my career.

The other title that I am most proud to hold is mother, I have twins who are 5 years old.  Mother or not, as Women in the workforce we are constantly having to look at our priorities. This is not just about family dynamics, but at every turn as we move through the progression of having a career and what shape it takes, depends on where we turn our priorities. 

People who know me, will clearly see the influence my father has had on me. He has just recently retired from a very successful career in the public service that lasted more than 46 years! I do find that I am like him in so many ways, but if you ask who inspires me, I’ll say it’s my mother.

Both of my parents have been incredible role models to look up to and learn from. However, watching my mother grow her career while raising her children is what I find the most inspiring. Even more so now that I find myself in similar shoes.

Being a mother is something my mother always wanted, and she truly relished in her role. Many memories I have include her creativity and how it shaped and transformed mine and my brother’s imaginations.

As my father sometimes had to work two jobs, my mother knew that to live more comfortably it would help if she could bring in some additional income.  She hated the idea of leaving us or not being there for us in the way she always envisioned being there.  She took the talent that she had for art and she started a business. Determined to be home, to be self-employed, to make her own path, she grew a successful small business out of the kitchen of our family home. She was able to stay home with her children as she had always dreamed, while still successfully crafting a career that she was passionate about.

As my own career has grown, I too have struggled balancing how I want to be a mother and have a career that I am fervent about. My mother taught me that when you are passionate about something, you can make sure that you have it all without sacrificing what your dreams may be.

Although our paths, careers and even how we parent have been different, I am constantly drawing inspiration from her in every step I take. In celebration of International Women’s Day, I am proud to play my small role amongst the amazing group of women working throughout the world to create new paths.

At the end of the day, we need to just keep being inspired, put effort behind our passions, always fight for a balance and never compromise.

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