For Finley and Scott, the pandemic led to a brand-new career path

Currently Officers in the Pension and Private Wealth teams, Finley Colquhoun and Scott Howitt found themselves joining IQ-EQ Guernsey in the middle of the pandemic. We caught up with them to see how they’re getting on, moving from Trainee to Officer and tackling their STEP qualifications.  

Prior to joining IQ-EQ, Finley gained a place to study Mechanical Engineering at university. However, like many people in his position confronted with the COVID crisis, opted to defer his position. Having studied Economics at A-Level, Finley already had an interest in Financial Services. Having spent a year with us, Finley has decided to stay at IQ-EQ and continue building his know-how and expertise.  

Scott had spent time on the slopes working as a ski instructor in Australia and Canada. But, as the world started to move into lockdown, he made his way back home to Guernsey when he was lucky enough to secure a place as a Trainee with IQ-EQ. Like Finley, Scott has progressed from Trainee to Officer and is continuing his journey with IQ-EQ.

As Finley and Scott continue to progress through the business, they are both working towards STEP certification. Although the qualification is geared towards studying alongside work, IQ-EQ ensures the qualifications are given the attention they deserve by offering study leave. With both of their line managers having been through the same process, Finley and Scott have a lot of support on hand. Finley is currently studying for the STEP Certificate in International Trust Management and Scott is taking his first exam in September. Finley described the qualification, the ‘gold standard’ in the industry, as being a “good way to get a broader understanding above that of my day-to-day learning and will prove helpful for furthering my career.”

These diplomas take between 3-4 years; however, other training is provided alongside this. IQ-EQ encourages taking different courses, and both agree that there is lots of opportunity for training if you seek it out. With three colleagues taking these exams together, they are very supportive of each other, checking in with each other on how it’s going (sometimes this is at the pub on a Friday night!).

Their advice to anyone taking on the STEP qualification would be to keep an open mind, take every opportunity and do the qualification if the opportunity arises!

Scott is part of the internal investment committee at IQ-EQ. Outside of work he trains with his football team, the Guernsey Rovers, as well as coaches. Finley likes to go spear fishing in his free time, as well as playing a lot of chess.

We wish Finley and Scott the best of luck with their upcoming STEP exams!

Finley and Scott