Client Services Manager

Job Description

Job Summary:

  • Concentrates in driving business growth and the development of talent.  Spends time in reviewing and assessing overall team performance.
  • Balances stakeholders by establishing good working relationship with the cluster counterparts and other support groups (e.g. HR, GPT, IT, BAT, etc.)
  • Concentrates in engaging and developing teams and individuals.  Expected to perform review of core processes, complex ad hoc work, and all other client requirements, as needed.  Provides consistent feedback on accuracy and timeliness of outputs made by their AM teams
  • Monitors overall teams' results and performance based on the KPIs (ex. Quality and Timeliness, Error Report, Increased Productivity and Lowers Overtime, among others). 
  • Initiates and facilitates meetings to address overall teams' performance and develop/coach non-performing individuals.
  • To facilitate and assist various accounting and administration processes of complex clients and conduct all work in accordance with IQ-EQ Philippines Inc. policies and procedures, as needed.  (when AM is unable to, depending on capacity).
  • As a supervisor, the Manager leads, organizes, coordinates, develops, monitors the performance, delegates tasks and responsibilities to their direct reports and their team members (skip level), as needed.
  • Ensures balanced work allocation across their teams and reallocates resources accordingly.

Core Responsibilities

  • Responsible for review of Financial Statements with Disclosures and other ad-hoc service requests for complex funds and/or corporate clients. 
  • Responsible for the preparation of complex reporting requirements, when necessary.
  • Monitors the timely and accurate deliverables of their teams, and intervene, as necessary.
  • Acquire knowledge to become specialists of their designated clients' requirements and deliverables.
  • Monitors their teams' compliance as they follow procedures and checklists following SSAE and other similar statutory requirements of the clients their teams handle.
  • Provides guidance and coaching to the team in both technical and more on the non-technical aspects of their role. 
  • Seeks knowledge and expertise for their own professional development.
  • Initiates the development of the technical competencies of their teams by providing feedback on their deliverables and endorsing them to the appropriate learning & development activities
  • Monitors the development and assigned trainings of their teams.
  • Monitors and provides support to cluster counterparts escalations and involves the relevant stakeholders.
  • Monitors the agreed timelines of deliverables with the cluster counterparts and provides support for escalations to ensure that their teams carry out the work, as agreed.
  • To be able to effectively communicate and relate with various stakeholders of the team.  Maintains and enhances relationships through crucial conversations.
  • Monitors that all client cluster requirements are thoroughly being reviewed and follows standards.
  • To act as an alternate for the Head of Delivery based on business needs which may include cluster client responsibilities, administrative tasks, and team management.

Tasks & Duties:

Cluster Client Delivery

  • Acquires functional knowledge and understanding of the clients’ agreements, Scope of Work (SOW), SLA’s and other necessary information needed to review and/or prepare deliverables.
  • Monitors if the team has the needed information, data and supporting documents are received for the review/preparation of the needed requirements.  Addresses and escalates issues, as needed.
  • Monitors the consistency and quality of the deliverables within the agreed timeframes of the teams. 
  • Provides support (for timelines) and address issues (for quality), as needed.
  • Provide support for the rest of the team and other teams by allotting additional capacity, as needed.  At the same time, initiates the request for support needed from other teams.
  • Monitors and communicates the review comments of the team and then follows up to address pending comments for preparers, as needed.
  • To act as first line of escalations for the preparers of any requests not properly actioned by the CS Support team. (e.g. BAT, GPT)
  • Monitors and oversees the interpretation of the requirements of the client and in some instances, does the research and validates in the absence of an Assistant Manager.
  • Reviews and acts as the team approver of submitted reports and compliance cases with root cause information, corrective action, and preventive measures in a timely manner.  Responsible in discussing the details and actions done with the HODs and CDDs.
  • Oversees the quarterly debrief meeting with the cluster to review the team's performance.  Then addresses concerns and drives resolutions based on its criticality and complexity. 
  • Decides the proper treatment for transactions when differences in points of view arise, and escalate recommendations to appropriate authorities, as needed.
  • Decides on escalated recommendations and if necessary, escalate to SMEs or technical team.
  • Monitors and works with the Assistant Manager to enforce process standards across the teams.
  • Acts as first level of escalation of issues/concerns from the funds assigned to their clusters.
  • Supports Project Managers by functioning as SMEs, coordinating with stakeholders, and allocating resources.

Workflow Management

  • Ensures timesheets are completed daily and accurately filed for all hours worked.
  • Reviews and approves timesheets of their team and ensures they are completed daily and accurately filed for all hours worked in a timely manner (of their AM's and SA's).
  • Reviews and pre-approves filed overtime of their team (AM's and SA's).
  • Setups, monitors and updates all deliverables via the workflow planner in a timely manner, as needed.
  • Monitors and ensures the completeness and accuracy of all deliverables via the workflow planner in a timely manner. 
  • Analyses and proactively manages team capacity deliverables by allocating needed resources/support.


  • Understands and uses best practice on accounting platform/s.
  • Understands and becomes knowledgeable on how to generate reports using reporting platform/s.


  • Monitors relevant procedures, checklists and SSAE requirements are adhered to and completed to mitigate errors.
  • Monitors reported breaches, complaints or errors to appropriate authorities are acted upon in a timely manner.
  • Acquires knowledge of risk factors and potential breach.
  • Reviews and acts as the team approver of submitted reports and compliance cases with root cause information, corrective action, and preventive measures in a timely manner.  Responsible in discussing the details and actions done with the HODs and CDDs.


  • May undertake any additional tasks and/or responsibilities as part of their professional development which may or may not be related to their specific function.
  • Escalate any other work-related issues/concerns to the appropriate authorities and acted on in a timely manner.
  • Participate in interviews, as needed.



  • Graduate of accounting or any business-related course with 8+ years relevant accounting experience.
  • At least four (4) years supervisory experience.
  • Experience with managing service operations and client deliverables.
  • Experience in managing staff and/or conducting appraisals.
  • Actual work experience in the preparation and/or review of working paper files, financial statements with disclosures and other financial information.
  • Must be willing to attend onsite training and onboarding for the first two months of employment.
  • This position is only open to Philippine citizens.


  • Desire to complete Certified Public Accountant qualification, if applicable.
  • Experience working in Financial Services or Shared Services office environment.
  • Experience working in a multinational office environment.
  • Open to travel and other secondment opportunities abroad.
  • University Degree in Accountancy and other accounting-related courses.

Our current work setup is Hybrid Work from Home wherein you need to be in the office at least 2 to 3 days a week and the rest is WFH. To qualify you must have a stable internet connection (DSL/Fiber with at least 25mbps).

To expedite the process of your application please have your government IDs ready.

Additional information

At IQ-EQ we want you to reach your full potential. We offer an inclusive and diverse environment to support your career aspirations. With a strong emphasis on continuous learning and a holistic approach to your professional and personal development. We also offer opportunities across our service lines and our international network of offices.  

Company description

IQ-EQ is a leading Investor Services group which combines global expertise with an unwavering focus on client service delivery. We support fund managers, global companies, family offices and private clients operating worldwide.

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