Reach the peak of your potential without climbing any mountains

Reach the peak of your potential without climbing any mountains

We take your career seriously. We want you to be challenged, stretched, to develop your skills and have fun along the way. We want to help you to be the best you can be, and achieve everything you want from your career, both personally and professionally. That’s how you’ll perform at your best. We will offer you a thorough and balanced approach to your development in a welcoming and open-minded environment.

Planning your ascent

Our Ascent framework is an innovative career development programme that combines strategy and talent to help you be the best you can be; to achieve everything you want from your career, both personally and professionally.

The programme is open to everyone and gives you the chance to choose your own career path and make it work for you. It’s all about being proactive. You’ll learn through doing, not through endless PowerPoint presentations.

Learn and grow

We take a holistic approach to learning based on the 70/20/10 model. Here’s how it works:

  • 70% learning by doing – giving you the opportunity to try things out for yourself, even if it means taking a few risks
  • 20% learning from others – including mentors, managers and coaches
  • 10% learning through cutting-edge classes and courses – both in-house (designed by our own experts) and through leading external institutions

This model forms the basis of the four pathways in our Ascent framework: Basecamp, Pathfinder, Explorer and Adventurer.

Basecamp is a two-day programme designed for new and first-level line managers. It lets our people explore all the things they need to know to be able to inspire, develop and manage their teams effectively. A key theme is understanding yourself and the impact you have on others.

Pathfinder is for senior management and is carefully aligned with our leadership culture. This suite of programmes is all about leading with impact. It focuses on busting silos, agile thinking, enterprise ownership, strategic complexity and disruptive capabilities. Recognising that you should never stop learning, Pathfinder is designed to support the further development of our leaders, today and tomorrow.

Explorer is for those with lots of potential. The week-long modules take place offsite and each group includes 15-20 people, all at different stages of their career. The one thing every participant has in common is unexplored potential. So there are lots of opportunities to lead in a variety of creative and challenging projects.

Adventurer consists of short, bite-sized courses, each based on a particular topic or competency. So whether you fancy becoming our next CEO or want to be the best you can be in your current role, these modules provide the development support you need to achieve your ambition.

We don’t stop there. Our Talent team are a creative bunch and continuously look for new and innovative ways to develop our people.

So if you’re just setting off or halfway to the top, we will help you gain the skills you need to achieve your perfect career.

If you want to find out more about how we can support your development, why not get in touch?

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