World Oceans Day

8 June marks World Oceans Day.

To raise awareness for this day we held a competition and asked employees and their children to send in their artwork under different categories. Thanks for all the entries, and the winners are...

Under 10 category - a Day at the Seaside and the winner was Meadow.

For the over 10s category, they were tasked with putting together a digital poster and Tiana, was a worthy winner, as she outlined five reasons why we should care about the Oceans.  

  1. Seaweed from the Oceans accounts for 54% of the worlds’ oxygen production. Humans need oxygen to survive and so does every other living thing on the planet
  2. Oceans cover around 70% of the surface of the Earth, containing 97% of the planets total water
  3. Up to 94% of living species on Earth can be found in the Ocean
  4. Many medicines that are used to treat the likes of cancer, Alzheimer’s and heart disease originate for the Ocean
  5. By 2030 it is estimated that Ocean based industries will employ 40 million people globally

Congratulations Meadow and Tiana for each winning a family ticket for four to the Aquarium in London.

Finally in the adult category winning a pair of tickets to the Aquarium is Svetlana Coules-Miller with her take on the “The Dance” by Henri Matisse she has captioned this “Dance of Ukrainians on the demined beach after the end of the war”.