Trio from IQ-EQ Jersey take on white-collar boxing


In May, three members of IQ-EQ Jersey took on white-collar boxing with Boxinbusiness.

The trio signed up for a 10-week training camp where they trained three times per week as well as in their spare time. The official training includes fitness, technical and sparring.

For the big event, each person is paired up with someone of a similar weight and ability, who they then box in front of 750 people. Three rounds, two minutes each!

Luke Cassin, senior trust officer, boxed someone who was a little older, quite a bit taller and weighed more than him. It was a close fight, but Luke managed to edge the win on the night! He also raised an amazing £1,500 for Mind Jersey. Here’s what Luke had to say about the event:

"It felt amazing to win, don't get me wrong, but I do feel all 22 boxers came out as winners that night. We collectively raised over £25k for charity and all got through the gruelling 10-week camp. We became a very close-knit camp and have made friends for life."

CDD and onboarding manager Aneta Popiolek also competed in the event. Here is her experience:

"To be totally honest words won’t even describe my feelings about this experience. The support from all my friends and family, Boxinbusiness and our group was incredible! That was one of the best nights and moments in my life – not only because I always wanted to do it but most importantly I could give back to ‘The Brighter Future’, which I am proud to call my first Jersey family. This charity helped me in the most difficult times, and I wanted to make them proud.

"Every person from our group was amazing and we all supported each other through the camp . I did not think I would have 21 new friends for life after this event but we stuck together and that’s a bonus! I feel very emotional as we all had ups and downs but we did it and I can’t wait to do it all again!"

Congratulations to Luke, Aneta and Danny!

Find out more about the event here