Sustainability in the Caribbean

Sustainability in the Caribbean

For our internal Sustainability Week, we asked our colleagues to get involved. Check out what our colleagues in the Caribbean have implemented to promote sustainability.


Our Cayman office organised recycling bins provided by Junk Cayman to do their part to help reduce waste and keep the island clean for sustainability week! The Cayman Islands are a sustainability leader in the Caribbean and have established a Ministry of Sustainability and Climate Resiliency to help guide and oversee sustainability initiatives across the islands. Recycling materials are sorted at recycling centres and sent off-island for processing. They have a number of laws in place to help reduce littering and encourage recycling, such as the Litter Law and legislation to ban single-use plastics from the island.


Our Senior Leadership Team gifted our employees in Bermuda with eco-lunch kits from Redo Bermuda for sustainability week. At Redo, they are dedicated to reducing reliance on anything single-use and even stick to two delivery days per week to help reduce energy and emissions! The Bermuda team also partnered with Keep Bermuda Beautiful (KBB) for a lunch & learn litter session on 4 November to learn ways to reduce waste and eliminate litter. Attendees are participating in a friendly competition where they have to pack a sustainable lunch using their eco-products for a chance to win an eco-gift pack!


Our Curaçao office is one step ahead. Since August 2014, the IQ-EQ-owned building has had solar panels installed on its roof – that’s eight years of renewable, sustainable energy.

Well done teams! Keep doing what you can for sustainability of the Caribbean islands!