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I’m interested in support services for family offices

Your family spans multiple generations and your assets and investments span across various jurisdictions and structures.  We understand that every family is different, and that some have particularly complex dynamics and requirements.

So we take the time to listen to you and your advisers and shape our services around your needs, those of your family and your family office.  We also know that supporting your family is about more than scale – having a personal connection is vital. Your main contact remains the same - whether we work with you and your advisers in a single jurisdiction or on a global scale. IQ-EQ provides a broad range of services tailored to support your family office.

Our services include;

Commercial assets

Whatever your family business as your commercial assets grow, so do the complexities of managing the operating businesses holding those assets. We support your business requirements at any stage of the corporate lifecycle.

Learn more about how our know how can provide family office support for your commercial assets.

Real Estate Services

You have residential or commercial real estate investments and varying investment platforms and holding structures. As a family office, whether you’re looking to establish straightforward or complex property holding structures, our real estate team can provide proactive end-to-end support services at all stages of the real estate lifecycle and for a broad range of property types.

Learn more about how our know how can provide family office support for your real estate portfolio.

Private funds

A private fund allows you and your family to pool your investments into one structure. We have the experience, technology and expertise to handle different asset classes, portfolios, fund structures and investor demands.

Learn more about how our know how can provide family office support for your family co-investments.

Luxury Assets

Your interest in owning a yacht, aircraft, classic car or art may be to fulfil a personal passion, expand your investment portfolio or meet a business need. Whatever your motivation, the implementation of ownership structures for these luxury assets should benefit you and your family.

Learn more about how our know how can provide family office support for your luxury assets.

Asset protection

Protecting your assets is fundamental to managing your wealth and protecting your family such as supporting younger members of the family or looking after family wealth in the event of a personal life-changing event.

Learn more about how our know how can protect your family assets.


We work with you and your advisers to create a structure that can support your philanthropic initiatives.  That may involve using an existing trust, or establishing your own charitable trust or foundation.

Learn more about how our know how can support your family’s philanthropic activities.

Succession planning

You’ve worked hard to accumulate, preserve and grow your wealth and you want your family to continue that tradition across successive generations. 

Learn more about how our know how can support your family now and in the future.

Regulatory and tax compliance

With the increasing demands required globally by the Automatic Exchange of Information (AEOI), comes various compliance, reporting and tax obligations. It can be hard to keep up with all the global standards, compliance obligations and reporting deadlines. We ensure you meet your corporate regulatory and compliance obligations.

Learn more about how our know how can ensure your family meets its compliance and reporting requirements.

Outsourced Business Solutions

We provide a 360-degree solution to support your business including HR, payroll, offices, back office administration and financial administration.

Learn more about how our know how can provide a range of outsourced business solutions to support your family office.

Private Office, Mayfair London

Part of IQ-EQ, The Private Office is an exclusive lifestyle and property management company based in the heart of Mayfair, London. It operates as an elite multi-family private office, offering a highly discreet, flexible and bespoke service to meet individual lifestyle requirements.

Learn more about how our know you can provide lifestyle and property management services.