Simple steps to a better world


By Anastasia Shchetinina, Paralegal, London 

I believe most of us (if not all!) love the beautiful nature of our planet and want to live in a clean environment. But our thoughts might contradict the impact of our daily routine. So here are a few tips on how to harmonise our care for the environment and our habits.

Organic Cotton Grocery Bags vs Polyethylene Plastic Bags
For your weekly grocery shopping, you can opt for organic cotton groceries bags for your fruits, vegetables and herbs. These bags will serve you for a long time and maintain your groceries for longer in the fridge as these cotton bags are breathable compared to the disposable ones.

Water Bottle vs Bottled Water

It can take up to 450 years for a plastic bottle to decompose. Hence, minimising (or potentially even avoiding) purchasing bottled water will have a significant impact on our planet. Nowadays, there are various reusable water bottles on the market. I prefer the steel one that also reminds me to stay hydrated; and if you are conscious of water quality, you can also find a filtered water bottle to suit your  needs.

Shampoo Bars vs Bottled Shampoo
Yearly shampoo packaging undoubtedly makes up a considerable proportion of plastic waste in each household. However, there is an alternative waste-free product on the market, a shampoo bar. I’ve only recently started to explore this market but there is a great variety of shampoo bars suiting different hair types and needs.

To sum up, while these are very simple and straightforward steps, we should not underestimate their potential positive impact on personal and consequently global waste reduction. Once I read a phrase that really stuck with me: "One bottle does not matter" - thought 7 billion people. The big changes start from small steps, so why not make your step today?