Siblings working at IQ-EQ Mauritius

Madheeha, Shabneez and Aarfa Khodabux are siblings and three of them are based in our Mauritius office. We took an opportunity to ask them how they feel about working with each other and what they like to do together.

Madheeha, Shabneez and Oursa Aarfa, what are each of your roles?

All of us are Senior Executive – Accounting at IQ-EQ Mauritius.

Do you ever work together and how do you manage that?

Aarfa and Madheeha work for the Luxembourg cluster but for different teams whereas Shabneez works for the Ireland cluster. Individually, each of us has our work deliverables but since we’re all in accounting, we do help each other on the technical sides whenever we can.

Do you enjoy having your sibling at IQ-EQ?

It feels nice to know that there is always a dear one close by and all three of us can relate to the work conversations that we share.

What’s your earliest memory of each other?

Madheeha: I remember that we used to fight for the TV remote when we were young, and I felt like it was an achievement when I got control and changed it to my favourite channel.

Shabneez: Madheeha is one and half-years older than me and we always did everything together, including helping with chores, sharing clothes and watching cartoons (we loved Galactik Football). Aarfa is the youngest and I always asked her to do the little chores to ease my life, which she usually refused to do (wink).

Aarfa: I remember that whenever Madheeha laughed, tears rolled down her cheeks, which we all would be so amused by this, so we ended up laughing more. I remember when Shabneez divided the cake for us and I always told her that she took more than her equal share.

What is your favourite thing to do together now?

We enjoy chatting together, watching TV shows, baking, shopping and most importantly getting each sister’s opinion (we are 4 sisters) for almost everything. We also love watching football matches together with each one of us having different commentaries of our own, on top of the TV commentator.

Who joined IQ-EQ first? Why did you join IQ-EQ?

Madheeha joined IQ-EQ first. After gaining 8 years’ experience of IFRS accounts, she wanted to take on a new challenge and explore Lux GAAP to enhance her abilities and cement her career in IQ-EQ in the best possible manner.

Thanks for sharing your experiences with us, Madheeha, Shabneez and Aarfa. It’s lovely to have you part of our IQ-EQ family.