Resilience Matters


Each year, those on our discovery trainee programme in Jersey select a charity for their Christmas fundraiser, to replace Secret Santa. This year the trainees chose Resilience Matters, after Ben Newman, the Managing Director in Jersey arranged for the charity to speak to the trainees, where they did a workshop highlighting how the charity helped the community, and how the trainees could help.

Here, Charlotte, Kat and Kylah share an update on their fundraising efforts and give their tips on mental health this mental health awareness week:

We collectively raised £1,520.00 for Start 2 B Resilient, which, considering this years’ Covid circumstances and restrictions, we are very pleased with!

The money raised is going to be used to sponsor the programme at Hautlieu, which will enable a large amount of current students and parents to benefit from the programme and hopefully take away a better understanding and invaluable insights regarding the causes of stress, skills to manage it, resilience resources, and more.

By sponsoring this programme to be rolled out to one of the main GSCE/Post 16 schools, we hope that this will boost Start 2 B Resilient’s profile and allow them to deliver this at even more schools and workplaces around the island. Delivering the programme to such audiences will hopefully raise more awareness for mental health.

Lack of mental health resilience affects a massive percentage of the Island. Due to the rising pressures on teenagers, starting from a young age due to social media, being resilient is a skill that is a necessity in order to build a strong mind and cope with every day pressures of life. In the finance industry it is crucial to be aware of mental health and the anxieties that come with such work, therefore it is important we all have an understanding around mental health and how we can help ourselves and others.

We all see how quickly things can change in our lives, especially over the last year. Therefore, it is important to build these skills not only for ourselves but for the people around us.

Here are some tips on mental health that we use and think are important:

  • Reach out for help if you feel like you can
  • Talk to someone you trust – don’t feel like you are burdening them
  • Get out and about – getting fresh air can help your mood
  • Look for resources – this can be a program such as resilience, a clinic, a book
  • Take time for yourself – Prioritise your own feelings and do something that makes you happy
  • Finding a hobby that allows you to take time out and relax- running, drawing/painting, walking